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  1.   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Unrated)
  2.   (Rating: G) (Quality: Unrated)
  3. 1   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  4. 1 a ....Rich guy poor guy.   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Good)
  5. 1 !!! :D Luna's 'You're so stupid you...' s :D   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  6. 1 - a good joke 4 ur eyes only from Pam!!!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  7. 1 - KIK ASS JOKE - GOTTA READ   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Good)
  8. 1 0 0 % $eXy MsN nMeS (girls)   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  9. 1 1 A A Redneck Christmas   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  10. 1 a   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Unrated)
  11. 1 a ....Daniellez AwEsOmE quotes   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Very Good)
  12. 1 a a a ' BEST 5 NICKNAMES' RATED BEST!!!!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  13. 1 a a...The joke of opening a pub   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  14. 1 A FEW AWESOME, FUNNY AND LOVE MSN NAMES! 1   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  15. 1 A funny joke   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  16. 1 a funny jokes   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  17. 1 a funny jokes   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  18. 1 a joke about liverpool ul only get it if ur frm england tho   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  19. 1 a PLAYING WITH TRAINS   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  20. 1 a really funny   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  21. 1 a really funny joke you will laugh!!!   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Poor)
  22. 1 A really good joke about David Beckham!!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  24. 1 A Stupid, Smart, Smarter, Smartest   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  25. 1 aaaaaaaaaaaaaAa u ave 2 laugh ur arse od dis 1   (Rating: G) (Quality: Unrated)
  26. 1 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa class name - Molly Ellis and Fran Shore   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  27. 1 aarid crackers1 oże   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  28. 1 aawesome joke!!!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  29. 1 abc READ THIS THE BEST JOKES EVR   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  30. 1 ABC TOTAL GORSS S.E.X JOKE   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  31. 1 AbSoLuTeLy AmAzIn JoKe FrOm SaRaH   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  32. 1 actually good joke(s)   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  33. 1 Air India   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  34. 1 AmAzIn JoKe FrOm SaRaH - aGaIn - AgAiN!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  35. 1 AmAzIn JoKe FrOm SaRaH - aGaIn - AgAiN!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  36. 1 AmAzIn JoKe FrOm SaRaH - aGaIn!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  37. 1 AmAzIn JoKe U will laugh !!!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  38. 1 Amazin JOkes   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  39. 1 Amazin JOkes   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  40. 1 Amazin JOkes   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  41. 1 Amazing welsh joke   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  42. 1 An Awesome joke.Buttitches   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  43. 1 and more really funny jokes! By Loz xx   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  44. 1 awesome name   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  45. 1 AwEsoMe SaYinS N' qOuTeS   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  46. 1 Awsome msn names   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  47. 1 baked beans   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  48. 1 black farmer and a white man   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  49. 1 blond joke and business man   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  50. 1 blonde brunette abd red head   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  51. 1 blonde joke   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  52. 1 blonde joke!!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  53. 1 Blonde Joke!!!!!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  54. 1 Blonde Joke!!!!! Reply   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  55. 1 Chili Cook-Off   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  56. 1 CHINESE, ITALIAN CANADIAN MEN   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  57. 1 Class Msn Name   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  58. 1 cool but dirty joke!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  59. 1 cool gd msn name   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  60. 1 cool joke   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  61. 1 cool msn name   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  62. 1 cute thing u should say about urself   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  63. 1 cute thing u should say about urself   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  64. 1 daughter 3 guys   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  65. 1 Dayum god speech plz read relpy to the reply   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  66. 1 dirty, funny joke   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Good)
  67. 1 extremly funni joke   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  68. 1 Foo Joke   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  69. 1 funni joke   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  70. 1 funny ass joke bout LEPHRECHAUNS   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  71. 1 Funny ass Joke must read   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Very Good)
  72. 1 FuNnY aZz GuY jOkE!!!!!!!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  73. 1 FuNnY aZz GuY jOkE!!!!!!!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  74. 1 funny azz joke!!!!!!!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  75. 1 funny funny funny joke   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  76. 1 FUNNY husband-wife joke!! LOL!!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  77. 1 funny joke   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Poor)
  78. 1 funny joke   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  79. 1 funny joke   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  80. 1 funny joke plz read!!!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  81. 1 funny joke that ull think is to do with something else but its not!!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  82. 1 funny joke!!!! lol   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  83. 1 funny joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  84. 1 funny joke--lol   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Good)
  85. 1 Funny Mexican Jokes   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  86. 1 funny muffin joke   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  87. 1 Funny Poopie List   (Rating: G) (Quality: Very Good)
  88. 1 FUNNY REDNECK JOKE   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  89. 1 FUNNY REDNECK JOKE (reply but thrs rdnk jokes in it)   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  90. 1 gddddddddd msn name betta check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  91. 1 Good Jokes   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  92. 1 gOoD sAyInG=-   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  93. 1 gr8 msn name for all u peeps out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  94. 1 gr8 text!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  95. 1 great joke!!!!!!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  96. 1 great joke about the ghost of iron maben   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  97. 1 great MAYO joke   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Good)
  98. 1 Great MSn name   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  99. 1 GREAT PRANK CALL   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  100. 1 gross but funny joke   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Poor)
  101. 1 guy on a bike   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
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