Virus warnings/hoaxes

There are 191 forwards in Virus warnings/hoaxes.
  1. 1 1 1 the blank screen virus BEWARE   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  2. 1 of the worst viruses you can get check it out so you don't get it!!!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  3. 1 Virus That Does So Much. Called: HomeBreaker   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  4. 1 Worms   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  5. 100 GB bug   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  6. 1084;1109;1080; 1080;945;1084;1108;z 1080; c1085;945;1090; 965;961; 8467;953;1080;1108;z!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Unrated)
  7. 11111111111111111aaaa antivirus problem   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  8. 1111Computer Virus- HAVE U NOTICED THIS   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  9. 4 virus warnings   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  10. 8 basic types of chainletters .. sooo funny   (Rating: G) (Quality: Very Good)
  11. A CRUSH ON YOU   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  12. A Sadness****************   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  13. all msn names   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  14. Altaria Virus   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Unrated)
  15. Amish virus   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  16. Amish Virus   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  17. Angelo   (Rating: G) (Quality: Unrated)
  18. ANTHRAX   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  19. Authority.EXE Virus   (Quality: Good)
  20. Automated Report maker   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  21. Baby   (Quality: Good)
  22. BAD BAD VIRUS   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  23. Bad Times Virus   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Very Good)
  24. Bad Times! Open Immediatly!!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  25. bad-times virus   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Very Good)
  26. Badtimes Virus   (Rating: G) (Quality: Very Good)
  27. bAnAnA bOy grEEn   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  28. Bill Gates Hoax   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  29. Bill Gates Virus   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Good)
  30. billisu   (Rating: G) (Quality: Unrated)
  31. billisuk   (Rating: G) (Quality: Unrated)
  32. billisuk   (Rating: G) (Quality: Unrated)
  33. billisuka   (Rating: G) (Quality: Unrated)
  34. billisuka   (Rating: G) (Quality: Unrated)
  35. Blank Screen Virus   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  36. Blank Screen Virus   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  37. Blaster Virus   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Unrated)
  38. Breaking Foot-and-Mouth Satire   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Very Good)
  39. CERESSA VIRUS   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  40. CLICK HERE   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  41. click here or else!!!!!!!!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  42. Common Virus   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  43. CONGRATUATION YOU HAVE WON A NEW CELLPHONE   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Unrated)
  45. Crazy Time Virus Warning   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  46. DANGEROUS VIRUS!!!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  47. DiS iS sErIoUs aLL!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  48. Do It Yourself virus   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  49. do not open the photo!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  50. DO NOT OPEN THIS E-MAIL!!!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Very Good)
  51. Do Not open...   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  52. doggy   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Good)
  53. durrr   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Unrated)
  54. ERROR-----   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  55. Extreme Virus   (Quality: Poor)
  56. EXTREMELY SCARY VIRUS WARNING!!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  57. Fake - ando Virus   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Unrated)
  58. Fast Cash Virus   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Good)
  59. FREE!!!!!!!!! INTERNET CALL CHARGES EVEN FOR WEB TV   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  60. Great Times   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Very Good)
  61. Hammer Virus   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  62. Hammer Virus 2.0   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  63. Hellllllllllllllllllllllo Virus!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Unrated)
  64. Hotmail is being deleted!! (Or is it??)   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  65. How do u get rid of the hey wanna see my new pic virus ??? and......   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Poor)
  66. How to cure the Choke Virus   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Very Good)
  67. i curse winbo32   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Unrated)
  68. IMPORTANT E-MAIL....OPEN NOW!!!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  69. Important Infomation Enclosed.   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  70. Important information.. NOT to be Passed up   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  72. it takes guts to say jesus virus   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  73. It's really not a virus! Really!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  74. just to clarify.   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  75. JuZ SuM FiNgz   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Excellent)
  76. Kali A DANGEROUS VIRUS   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  77. Klingerman Virus   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Good)
  78. Lemmings VIRUS   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  79. Look At This Dancing Monkey!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  80. Lorraina Bobbitt Virus   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  81. make a computer game for school   (Rating: G) (Quality: Unrated)
  82. Man Catches Computer Virus   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Poor)
  83. McAfee Tutorials: Be a Virus Exterminator!   (Quality: Unrated)
  84. me   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  85. Micro Virus   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  86. Microsoft Virus   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Very Good)
  87. More viruses.........   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  88. msn names from bucky   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Unrated)
  89. MSN VIRUS! PLZ READ! ITS 2 HELP YA!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  90. new and improved way to make money   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Unrated)
  91. NEW CELEBRITY COMPUTER VIRUSES!!!!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  92. NEW CELEBRITY COMPUTER VIRUSES!!!!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  93. New Minnesota Virus   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  94. NEW SPANISH VIRUS   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  95. New Virus Alert (please read)   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  96. New virus coming!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  97. New virus discovered   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  98. New Virus found!!   (Quality: Good)
  99. New Virus!!!!**Time Taker Virus**   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  100. New Virus(FUNNY)   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  101. New Viruses to look for   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Good)
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