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  1. 1 What tree are you!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  2. 1 a !kitty's Punk/Rock lyrics test...!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  3. 1 a aaa Amazingly Accurate Test   (Rating: G) (Quality: Very Good)
  4. 1 a aaa Buffy the vampire Slayer test!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  5. 1 a aaa HEAVY METAL/ROCK LYRICS QUIZ   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  6. 1 a annie-jo's hottie lyric test reply   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  7. 1 a annie-jo's hottie lyric test reply(reply 2 the reply)   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  8. 1 a annie-jo's hottie lyric test.;..(our names arent really annie-jo)   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  9. 1 a awesome easy lyrics test   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  10. 1 A lyrics test...   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  11. 1 A Three-minute Instruction-Following Test   (Rating: G) (Quality: Unrated)
  12. 1 aaaa awesome lyrics test!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  13. 1 aaaaaaaaaaa pick this test!!!!!!!!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  14. 1 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Lyrics Quiz   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  15. 1 aaaaaaaamazing test TRY IT AND SEE! :)   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  16. 1 All Awesome Sara's Lyric Test   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  17. 1 An Amazing Lyrics Test ..   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  18. 1 An Ultimate GC Lyrics know It All Test   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  19. 1 awesome lyrics test   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  20. 1 cool/sick quiz   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Poor)
  21. 1 fab test!! lolz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  22. 1 great way 2 find ur gaurdian angel!! lolz!!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  23. 1 How much do you love your crush   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  24. 1 Idiot Test   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  25. 1 pile   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  26. 1 wicked test   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  27. 1(new)good charlotte lyric test   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  28. 1. Rainy Dayz
      (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  29. A] THE GREATEST PERSONALITY TEST EVA by Becca xXx   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  30. 10 Questions to find out if you're truly insane   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  31. 10 reasons why i love banks! (massey)   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  32. 10 reasons why i hate banks massey   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  33. 10 Ways To Know Your In Love   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  34. 1000's of msn names   (Rating: G) (Quality: Very Good)
  35. 11 Questions for your lovelife destiny   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  36. 11 questions for your lovelife destiny REPLY   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Unrated)
  37. 11111 test!   (Quality: Poor)
  38. 1111111, your qualitys   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  39. 111111111111 test   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  40. 11111111111111 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ab   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  41. 111111111111111111111111 r u an idiot   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  42. 11111111aaa1111aaa11111 ROCKER TESTt!1!1!1!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  43. 1111111aaaaa Lyric test!!!!!!!!!!!!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  44. 124 Q's dare u to answer em all !!!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  45. 124 Q's dare u to answer em all!!! (reply)   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  46. 15 good lyrics rap rb newold   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  47. 1701 One girl who just wanted somone to talk to   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  48. 1a RU cool (grlz)   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  49. 1absolutely awesome lyrics quiz!(it's really simple too)   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  50. 1ArE YoU InSaNe QuiZ!!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  51. 20 questions about u!!!!!!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  52. 20 questions in to getting to know your friends alittle better!!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  53. 21 Qestions   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  54. 22 General Questions about you, and your friends.   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  55. 27 Questions ....Harder than you think   (Rating: G) (Quality: Very Good)
  56. 30 awesome lyrics to guess!!! lYriCs TeSt   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Good)
  57. 4 MUSIC FANS WHO THINK THEY KNOW IT ALL.   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  58. 4 questions....so hilarious!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  59. 4 Songs   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  60. 40 Questions You Can Easily Answer*   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Poor)
  61. 46 Points!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Very Good)
  62. 65308;65308;65308;65308;65308;65343;65343;12539;12539;12539;12539;About You12539;12539;12539;12539;65343;65343;65310;65310;65310;65310;65310;   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  63. 7 ways to know if ur ment for each other   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  64. 8224;he bes8224; survey ever*   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  65. 8252;8252;8597;9834;Kool Test U Gotta Try It!9834;8597;8252;8252;!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  66. a   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  67. A   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  68. A QUICK LITTLE TEST   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  69. A awesome test about popularity and potential and stuff   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  70. A cool n fun lyrics test!!!!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  71. a cool quiz   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  72. A Cool Quiz To Take   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  73. A COOL QUIZ****   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  74. a cool quiz****   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  75. A Cool Test   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  76. a cool test funny enough soem of this actually did happen to me !!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  77. A Cute Quiz*   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  78. A friendship test- I am a true friend, are you?   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  79. a fun lyrics test!*   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  80. A fUn PeRsOnAliTy TeSt!!*   (Rating: G) (Quality: Very Good)
  81. A gReAT bUnCh Of MsN 4 tHe GiRlZ   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  82. a great insanity test   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  83. A KEWL LYRIC TEST 4 YA   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  84. a like Linkin Park!!!!!!!!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  85. A lot of lyric tests by Hanley!!!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  86. A lyric test******   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  87. a lyrics test for some of the non-rappers   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  88. A lyrics test of my C.D. collection   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Very Good)
  89. A lyrics test to beat all other lyrics tests   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  90. A MuSiC LyRiC TeSt   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  91. A or B   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  92. A Personality Test*   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  93. A popular test by Lindsay   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  94. A Punk Rock Lyrics Test   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  95. A Question Quiz   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  96. A questionnaire of sorts.   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  97. A quick test of intelligence   (Rating: G) (Quality: Very Good)
  98. A quiz 4 all ya m8s and yaself!   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Poor)
  99. A quiz for SERIOUS Beatle fans ONLY!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  100. A REAL LYRICS TEST   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  101. A real lyrics test   (Quality: Unrated)
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