There are 227 forwards in Marriage.
  1. 1 2 3 4   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  2. 1 Marriage   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  3. 1,000,000 Reason Why I Love Skool   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  4. 11 A cost effective way to plan the wedding of your dreams!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  5. 11111111000000000 brill msn namez!!!!!!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  6. 1500000000 msn names by mi!!!!!!!!!!! 000000   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  7. 17 Reasons why i luv my baby Babo!!!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  8. 40th Wedding Anniversary   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  9. 5 ways 2 keep a good marriage!!!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  10. 5 Ways to Piss Off Your Wife   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  11. 50th Anniversary   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Good)
  12. A Few Reasons Why I Hate Colt!!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  13. A FOR THE BEST!!!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  14. A made-up story for your entertainment   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Good)
  15. A poem about lossing someone I loved   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  16. A Rose by any other name...   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  17. A Song that is unrequited about Love   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  18. A wish   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  19. about to get married   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  20. Almost Forever   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Very Good)
  21. Almost Married!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Very Good)
  22. AN ANGEL   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  23. An old man and his wife........   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  24. An Outsider Looking In...   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  25. Anniversary Poem   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  26. Anniversary?   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  27. Are those your kids   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  28. Aren't So Good In Bed!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  29. Artie, the stupid hitman   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  30. B. peachfuzz   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  31. Bad Food   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  32. Bad Luck   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Very Good)
  33. Bad luv   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  34. Before you get married do this.........   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  35. billisu   (Rating: G) (Quality: Unrated)
  36. billisuk   (Rating: G) (Quality: Unrated)
  37. billisuka   (Rating: G) (Quality: Unrated)
  38. Birth rate   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  39. Buy Me A Rose   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Very Good)
  40. Carry me out in your arms! (A Chinese Story)   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Very Good)
  41. Cheap? Who, Me?   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  42. Cigarettes and Bowling   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Very Good)
  43. Comments on Housekeeping   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Very Good)
  44. ConFuSed   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  45. Congradulations!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Unrated)
  46. Curing Cancer   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Good)
  47. Daddy's little Girl   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  48. Danny I Love You Always!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  49. Daughters' Marriages   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  50. Definition of Outdoor Barbecuing   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  51. Divorce Attorney   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  52. divorce- polish style   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  53. Don't stress   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  54. Doris and Fred   (Quality: Very Good)
  55. ebkjmlbk   (Rating: G) (Quality: Unrated)
  56. Facts about Marriage !!!!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Very Good)
  57. Fatherly Advice   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Good)
  58. FeeT***   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  59. Find your life partners name   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  60. Fishing Joke   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  61. For the husbands   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  62. friendship   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  63. Funni Marriage Joke... A MUST READ!!!***   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  64. Funny.........but true!! _*_*_   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  65. Goodbye on a Bad Day   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  66. Great Msn Names For Girls   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  67. Great MSN Names!!!!   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  68. Guess Which One   (Rating: G) (Quality: Very Good)
  69. hahahaha LoL VERY KEWL   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  70. Happy Anniversary   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Unrated)
  71. Happy Anniversery   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Unrated)
  72. hbqwubsz   (Rating: G) (Quality: Unrated)
  73. HEHEHEHE   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Very Good)
  74. Help!!! Losing the girl i love....   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  75. HoW cAn   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  76. how du tell ur mans cheating   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  77. HOW ZACH MAKES ME FEEL****   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  78. Husband 1.0   (Rating: G) (Quality: Very Good)
  79. Husbands!!!!   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  80. I do!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Very Good)
  81. I do!   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Unrated)
  82. I hate Cassie Aspinwall !   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  83. i just wanted a frriend   (Rating: PG-13) (Quality: Unrated)
  84. I LOVE SAM   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Unrated)
  85. I LOVE SAM   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Poor)
  86. i love you   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  87. I love you babee boy ............-..........   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  88. I NEED MY SPACE! WHAT SHOULD I DO   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Unrated)
  89. i really like this guy... give me some advice   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  90. I REALLY NEED ADVICE(reply to nicole)   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  91. I REALLY NEED ADVICE... REALLY (love or lust i'll let u decide)   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  92. i sOo need heLp! **   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  93. I Think We Have A Problem   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Poor)
  94. I'll Be Here   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  95. If I Told You   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
  96. If Tomorrow Never Comes   (Rating: G) (Quality: Very Good)
  97. IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE DONT LET THEM GO   (Rating: G) (Quality: Poor)
  98. Insurance...   (Rating: G) (Quality: Very Good)
  99. its hard but u will get over him...   (Rating: Not Rated) (Quality: Good)
  100. JAZZ's JOKE......... lol   (Rating: PG) (Quality: Good)
  101. Just Barely 16   (Rating: G) (Quality: Good)
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